The history of our factory is closely linked to the development of the flooring industry and dates back to 2000. Starting as a small trade company, within these 17 years our team has evolved into one of the most robust trade companies in the finishing materials market of Moscow and Moscow region. This was achieved thanks to a clear management system – everything is based on processes, excluding risks and human errors. Our leading principle is the constant search for perfection in everything we do, including business administration.

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Special attention was given to democratic management principles – we introduced the rules which apply to all company employees. No nepotism, no “favorite ones” who would be allowed more than the rest. Knowing these principles, every employee can be certain of career opportunities provided he/she has the necessary skills and mindset.

During the crisis of 2014 the management of the company looked for ways to localize production in Russia, so that the funds invested by local customers into the purchase of products stay in the country during these hard times. The feeling of social responsibility and commitment to the local community brought about the idea to purchase the required equipment and launch efficient and innovative production in Russia.

This project allowed us support the government’s appeal to substitute imports in order to strengthen Russian economy. We are ready to contribute to the economic development of our country by creating high-quality, robust domestic production.    

Our factory is located ca. 100 km away from Moscow and occupies an area of 5000 sq.m. with 2 production lines. We offer 3 extended collections, 2 of which are unique products which currently have no analogs among other Russian manufacturers.

Vast experience and thorough preparation allowed us open the factory with a clear goal in mind – to provide our customers with the most modern, high-quality and affordable laminate. We see ourselves as a part of a large country and want to contribute to its development.